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I'm Benjamin Chanudet, a developer and sometimes webdesigner.

Curiosity and humour are my most meaningful qualities.

Self-learning developer, but with a graphic design background, programing got me since my teenage years. My first program was a tic-tac-toe game on my TI-82 calculator.

Prefering to be a jack of all trades, I work on various personal projects, often working but hardly, sometimes with a team, and mostly just for fun.

I have been working at InfoGones as a developer since 2013.

I've been in charge of maintaining and improving a few projects in several domains, from e-ticketing solutions for events to embedded user interfaces for hospital TVs, and also some other tools for various companies.

My skills


  • HTML · CSS · JavaScript
  • PHP · Node.JS
  • MySQL · Oracle · pgSQL
  • C# · Python 3


  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • 3DS Max · FreeCAD
  • Visual Studio Code · Netbeans
  • Windows & Linux Management

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